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Google Analytics yesterday unveiled the new version of its free web analytics service, introducing a fantastic new user interface with some impressive new features.

  • Customisable Dashboard
  • Site Overlay enhancements
  • Geo Targeting enhancements
  • Email Reporting
  • Pdf Extracts
  • Improved Advanced Visitor Segmentation
  • New Help Resource

Being a Google Partner, we had the privilege of being a beta tester, running the new version against our websites for several months and providing direct feedback.

After the initial discovery period, exploring the new interface and playing with the new features, you soon realise how effective the enhancements will be to both users and businesses.

The new User Interface has simplified navigation which means accessing your data couldn’t be easier, with data only a few mouse clicks away, it stops users having to dig deep. The ability to customise your dashboard means the user interface gives you added personalisation with the addition of great usability.

The feature list is great, we have picked out some of the key features we found when testing the beta version:

Site Overlay – This feature has been updated and vastly improved for dynamic web site.

Geo Targeting – This feature has been updated from the previous version and now offers a clear presentation of geographic data using new heat maps.

Email Reporting – Great new feature providing the ability to email reports ad-hoc or scheduled.

Pdf Extracts – A new addition to the extract formats, the pdf extracts are a great way of presenting data within any organisation and reduce time spent using other reporting tools.

Visitor Segmentation – For the larger sites that have huge volumes of data, the improved performance times will make reporting more time efficient.

Help Resource – Contextual help and the conversion university, offering tips and helpful information against every report.

Our comprehensive 2 day training package has been completely overhauled and we are now taking UK bookings for the course.

The new training content includes all of the above plus much more with the main emphasis focusing on using the new interface and features.

For further information, please visit the training page.

4 Responses to “New Training Material for New Version of GA”

  1. Brien Says:

    Hi Andrew/experts,

    I have tried every FAQ, tutorial, video and blog post, and I can’t find out how to see an hourly breakdown of traffic inside of a day.

    Has anyone posted how to do this, or is this view being phased out?

    Thanks for any insight,

  2. Andrew Miles Says:

    Hi Brien,

    It might be worth visiting Brian Clifton’s blog for a further insight at

  3. Sven Says:

    It seems that GA Overlay ignores links with the & coded as &

    Is there any help for this problem?

  4. gargi Says:

    Is it possible to find complete path of visitor through google analytics.

    I don’t want to use Navigation or Entrance path which are only 1 or 2 level deep.

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