Google Analytics Training

As authorised Google Partners we provide high caliber Google Analytics training courses aimed at marketers across Europe. Our bespoke One-to-One training is limited to small groups, working specifically with your data and a personalised syllabus. The syllabus is built abround the book Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics and delivered by Brian Clifton himself.

Bespoke One-to-One Workshop

Our Google Analytics training course is specifically tailored for organisations that wish to train their marketing and web teams in all aspects of Google Analytics. Brian Clifton works through your data, ensuring the training workshop is bespoke to your needs, with the exact syllabus determined by your staff's existing knowledge and business requirements.

Please note, this is not classroom training. That is, we only work with you and your team, walking you through your data and your reports at the right level and pace. The result is that you receive "consultative training" that is highly relevant to your business. Because of this, groups are limited to a maximum of 8 people.

Our courses last for one day (9:30 - 16:30) though we can also provide a half day intro workshop for teams where web analytics is not a major job function.

Are you an advanced user?

If you have a year or more of Google Analytics experience behind you, we combine workshop style education with consultation. This allows you to discuss your specific needs with a Google Analytics expert and can cover any aspect of GA you wish. If this describes your situation, please contact us to discuss

Typical Workshop Ciriculum:

Aimed at Marketers, PR departments and Content Creators focusing on the user interface, finding data and interpreting the results

  • How Google Analytics Works - high level overview
  • Key Google Analytics Reports
    • Dashboards
    • Where are my visitors coming from? Which referrers, campaigns, emails
    • What are they doing on the site? What are the key touch points?
    • What products are they buying and from which referrers?
  • Using the Results
    • Understanding Goals & Funnel Paths
    • Using Filters & Profiles
    • Establishing Max. CPCs
    • Other Useful Data (web design parameters, geo location, etc.)
  • Report Manipulation
    • Ad Hoc Filtering
    • Date Management & Comparison
    • Cross-Segmentation
  • Reporting Practical - hands on session
  • Track All Your Campaigns
    • Track Paid Advertising - ppc, banners
    • Track Email Marketing
    • Track Offline Marketing

All sessions include practical, hands-on training where appropriate, a copy of the book Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics and a 1 hour follow call to review specific questions.




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