Upgrade Urchin 5 or 6

Contact us today and we will credit you the retail cost of your old version of Urchin against the cost of a new Urchin 7 license. This must be before March 28th 2012.

Contact: mail@ga-experts.com

Urchin sales discontinued from March 28th 2012
Please ensure you upgrade to the lastest version (Urchin 7) before the deadline. There is no time limit on any Urchin license and all software will continue to run. However new sales discontinue on this date (read official Google announcement). We will support your install as long as you need us!

Urchin 7 was released in Sep 2010. As before, the license is a one-time cost and there are no pageview or processing limits. The only limit is your hardware capability - and Urchin 7 can now process data in paralell.

Urchin 7 compared to Urchin 6

Version 7 offers the following additional advantages over version 6:

Urchin 6 compared to Urchin 5

Version 6 offers the following additional advantages over version 5:




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